HEAVY DUTY & EXTRA STRONG: 8.5x8.5 inch unbleached parchment paper 200PCS are made of extra thicker 45gsm paper compared to their commen 35gsm or 40gsm paper, our paper are thicker than theirs.Pre cut parchment liners are perfect for 8.5 to 9.5 inches square shape air fryer or cake pan. The diagonal length is about 10 inches. It also can be used in bamboo or metal steamer.

SAVE TIME & SAVE PROBLEM: Pre-cut square air fryer liners can save you a lot of baking time, and perforated parchment paper allows you to speed up the steam circulation through the air fryer or steamer and ensure that the food is heated evenly. Enjoy your meal!

NATURAL & FOOD SAFETY:Air fryer liners square parchement paper are made of pure wood pulp and totally fluorescent free.Unbleached, Non-toxic, Non-stick ensure food safety and taste and keep food complete appearance such as bread, chicken, snacks.

HEAT RESISTANT:Parchment paper for air fryer temperature resistance is from -68 to 425 degrees fahrenheit.The double silicone coating side keep food out of direct contact with the fryer and cause stains.Easy to clean.

CAUTION:Do not add air fryer paper in pre-heating mode.Keep the paper under when adding food;Be sure not to let the paper contact the heating tube, the temperature of the heating tube is much higher than the heat resisting temperature of the paper, the unbleached air fryer liners are disposable.

Unbleached Air Fryer Parchment Paper, 6.5/7.5/8.5/9 inch Katbite Square Air Fryer Liners 120Pcs, Heavy Duty Perforated Parchment Paper for Air Fryer Paper, Steaming Basket, Bamboo Streamer, Oven Baking…

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