Why choose us ?
1、Leading Factory Manufacturing, Quality Guarantee!
Standardized dust-free workshop, Professional equipment and Rigorous process standards.
Complete production line meets product diversity requirements.
Tell us what you need for parchment paper. Let's customize it for you.
2、 Parchment Paper+ 45GSM
From our customer feedback, we upgraded our parchment paper to 45GSM.
Thicker than general parchment paper, this premium parchment paper thick enough to extend the baking time!
  • 45GSMThickness, Thicker than General
  • 100% Pure Wood Pulp, Food GrandSilicone
  • Two-side Coating, ExtraSmooth Surface
  • Temperature Resistantis from -68 to 450 ℉
3、Complete paper sizes, one-stop shopping
  • ParchmentRounds 200 pack- 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12 inch 
  • ParchmentPaper Sheets 200 pack or 100 pack-- 9x13/12x16/16x24 inch
  • ParchmentPaper Sheets 30 pack - 9x13/12x16/16x24 inch
  • ParchmentPaper Sheets 200 pack or 100 pack-- 9x13/12x16/16x24 inch
  • AirFryer Liners 120 pack – 7.5/8/9/10 inch   
  • Parchment Rounds with Tabs120 packs– 6/8/9/10 inch  
  • Patty Paper Sheets 1000 sheets– 5.5x5.5 inch        
  • Non-stick Aluminum Foil Roll—200 SQ.FT   
4、Recycled packaging option, environment-friendly
Instead of low-cost plastic bags, we choose the high-cost white cardboard to make a packaging box, which is recyclable.
Come with us, say ”NO” to plastic bags, we need you to protect OUR EARTH!