Here Are Some Of The Questions That Our Customers Have Presented.
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Q: What is the thickness of katbite heavy duty parchment paper?
A: Katbite heavy duty parchment paper has been upgraded to 45GSM, thick enough to extend the baking time, at least 12% thicker than general 35GSM to 40GSM parchment paper sheets.

Q: Are the parchment safe to use?
A: Yes, Katbite parchment paper made from natural 100% wood pulp, both sides are coated with food grade silicone, making it safe and non-toxic for your baking needs.

Q: Can you use regular parchment paper in cast iron dutch ovens?
A: Hi, this parchment can be used in an oven tray, greaseproof, waterproof, temperature resistant up to 450°F 

Q: How to use in air fryer?
A: Do not put the air fryer paper before the air fryer preheats, put it down with the food. It is very easy to clean up and free your hands.