Katbite Aluminum Foil 13-inch-long x 9-inch-wide Cake Pan includes 10 foil pans per package.Pan measurements: 9" L x 13" W x 2.55” H. 118Oz./3500ml.These disposable foil pans provide a convenient way to cook and serve your favorite salads, pasta dishes, desserts and more. These aluminum pans are made with dependable strength and durability, so you can cook and travel with confidence.Made of 100% aluminum, it heats quickly and evenly for great results in your kitchen. Clean-up is simple and eco-friendly, when you are finished with your cake or salad, just rinse and recycle. No need to hand wash these pans.
  • Great Value - The Katbite 10 packs foil aluminum pans with lids allow you to seal in and keep food warm. Pan measurements: 9" L x 13" W x 2.55” H. 118Oz./3500ml. Maximum Weight Load: 6.06LB/2.75KG. Katbite pans are lightweight yet sturdy, making them the ideal choice for baking, cooking, and storing your culinary creations.
  • A Grilling Party Must-Have - Bring these 9X13 aluminum pans to your BBQ party for grilling and roasting. They are also wonderful for serving cooked food, fresh vegetables, and fruit. The aluminum lid also keeps food and fruit fresh.
  • Perfect for Catering - Try these foil pans with lids for your restaurant or catering business. These sturdy aluminum baking pans have excellent heat conductivity, ensuring an amazing cooking and baking experience. They can also be used in the freezer.
  • Premium Quality - Katbite's 9x13 aluminum pans disposable with lids are made from high-quality 80 microns aluminum foil. A special pattern design on the bottom makes each foil pan firmer. Certified by SGS, they are safe and non-toxic.
  • Eco-Friendly - Katbite aluminum pans with lids are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, and will not harm the environment. You also don't need to worry about cleaning up – just toss them when you're done!
Katbite 9x13 inch (10 Packs) Disposable Aluminum Pans With Lids Foil Baking Pans Rectangular Aluminum Baking Pans

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