Perfect Size:6x6 inches of 300 count patty paper geometry sheets,which is about 15x15cm,it's not only perfect for making and separating burgers, but also fits for preventing patties from stick together.It's great for retaining your moisture and flavor.

Non-Stick & Easy to Clean :Patty paper use the double silicone coating side design, so you don't get stick together when you're separating patties, burgers or other foods.you can easily clean and save your time.Convenient!

Heavy Duty & Extra Strong:6x6 inches hamburger patty paper made of extra thicker 45gsm paper vs commonly used 28gsm or 35gsm patty paper squares parchment.300pcs patty paper squares are thicker and more tear resistant so that make a better kitchen helper for you.

Natural & Healthy:Unbleached patty paper is made from 100% pure wood pulp, and totally fluorescent free.Compared to recycled paper,Kosher certificated,non-toxic, two-sided silicone coating bring you a healthy and safe diet.

Multi-use:Heavy duty parchment paper is perfect for separating burgers,wrapping candies, freezing foods and so on.Besides, the parchment squares are often used in microwave and ovens for oil proof and temperatures range from -68 to 450 degrees fahrenheit.

Unbleached Parchment Patty Paper, Heavy Duty 6x6 inches Burger Patty Paper, Katbite 300 Sheets Non-Stick Patty Paper Squares Perfect for Seperating Patty, Cookies, Storing Foods and Wrapping Candies